Directorate of Energy Resources Development

The Department of Energy is mandated to promote and cordinate the development of energy resources, ensure adequate supply of energy and promote efficient utilization of energy for social and economic development.
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Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines

To collect, collate, process, analyze, archive and disseminate geoscience data; monitor operators and enforce regulations in the mineral sector as well as develop and maintain professionals capable of generating and utilizing available geoscience data.
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Petroleum Supply Department

The Mandate of the Petroleum Supply Department is to ensure adequate and reliable availability of petroleum supplies in all areas of the country, at least cost to the economy.
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Directorate of Petroleum

The Petroleum Exploration Sector policy objectives are carried out by the Petroleum Exploration and Production Department of the Ministry, which undertakes the following functions: To promote petroleum exploration in the country by attracting oil companies to invest in the sector.
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Finance and Administration Department

To ensure effective and efficient Financial and Administrative support services to all Ministry Departments and staff.
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The purpose of this programme is to promote sustainable


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the energy needs of Uganda’s population

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The objective of ERT II is to increase


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