Energy and Minerals week 2019, September 23-29

The 15th edition of the Energy Week is here, The Energy & Minerals Week 2019 has been rebranded as “The Energy & Minerals Week” with a view of ensuring participation of the entire Ministry. This annual event organised by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development is aimed at updating the general public on what the Ministry has achieved in the previous financial year. The different sub-events of the Energy & Minerals Week provide a platform for all sector players, service providers and private enterprises to interact with each other as well as the general public with a view to dialogue and exchange ideas on how to develop the sectors as well as building market for the products and services within the energy and minerals sector. A number of sub-events happen during the Energy & Minerals Week and these include the energy and minerals exhibition, focussed high-level conferences, Joint Sector Review. The driver of the Energy and Minerals Week is Efficiency and Sustainability.

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Joint Sector Review Meeting

17th-18th September, 2019 at Speke Resort Munyonyo

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